Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Attention: LADIES!! January Special

Now that those Christmas gifts have all been given, it's time to think about Valentine's Day!! And don't even think that you can get by with just a card this year... :) So, what BETTER gift could you give (trust us, on this - it's been PROVEN) to your sweetheart than an Intima session?! Nothing!
We have a product that we're bringing in at a special rate for our January Special just in time for Valentine's Day (and it is just around the corner), which is a one-hour Calendar Package - these calendars are huge and are 100% image-focused at 11x17 inches! You will choose 13 images for your calendar and they are stunning! Your session plus calendar is just $300. (regular price $400) Book your session now and have it completed by January 31st for the savings, as the regular price will be back February 1st! (remember, Colorado clients, that we are leaving January 24th, so get your session done before that date!)
To see our Intima portfolio and find out more about the sessions, visit www.intimaphotography.com To book your session, e-mail me at teresa@teresaleephotography.com These are soooo much fun!
Thanks to these beautiful clients for giving us permission to use their incredible photographs to show you...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas...

I'm sitting in my home, surrounded by people I love the most (except we're missing Uncle Trent and Aunt Amber) and counting the many blessings that we have. I am smelling my sweet husband's incredible turkey (that would rival anything Gordon Ramsey's could create), looking at an embarassingly large mound of crumpled wrapping paper and boxes, and listening to the best sound in the world, which is the sound of my babies laughing...

Among my blessings I'm counting, also, is the fact that I get the honor of having the career that I have. Getting to know remarkable people and playing a small part in your lifes by helping you preserve memories is one of the greatest joys I know. Thank you to each family who has allowed me to be a part of your life this year - I hope that I have helped to capture a moment in time that you'll never get back but will always treasure.

One of the families who has most touched me this year you will meet below -- aside from spending time with my own family, I couldn't think of a better family to share Christmas Eve with than this family. These guys came from opposite sides of the country to spend Christmas here with their parents and I was touched so much by being able to do this generational photo session. I laughed so hard at their humorous and fun-loving nature, and got choked up at the thought of their sweetness. This is a session I will not forget...

Enjoy meeting them and seeing some behind the scenes images from their session. Merry Christmas to everyone who will read this...

Couture Behind the Scenes

Here are some behind the scenes shots from the A&E Couture shoot -- a HUGE thank you to the newly renovated Embassy Suites in Colorado Springs for allowing us to use their beautiful facility.
Here is Sara getting ready for her shots. Kathryn and Sara watching behind me as Bianca has her turn...

Me taking a break... :)

Chelsea working her poses in the atrium beside the waterfall...

What a great time!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A&E Fairy Shoot

Oh, this fairy shoot was soooo much fun, too! I'm so proud of these younger girls for the courage they have to jump in with the "big girls" and learn alongside them and compete in the same way as the teen models. These ladies have been fun to get to know and I am, again, sad to see this semester end, but thankful for the chance to get to know them. One thing I love about this program is getting to see these young girls and their attitudes develop -- we try to teach them things like how they should act when they go on an audition or for a job and we stress the importance of what a good attitude says to the people who will work with you. I think it is so great that they get to learn these things at such a young age, because it is great for LIFE - not just in the acting world. And I know, personally, that because of the sweetness and the great attitudes that I see in these ladies, it makes me WANT to work with them, so I am hoping to see them again soon, as well.

Now... this challenge winner is Michelle, whose best two images are shown below (we just couldn't choose one favorite of hers). Michelle came into this shoot and really came alive!! She brought her "fairy dust" in with her, as I hope you can see in the first image, and brought an expression that was so magical and she actually looked like a fairy to me. Not just in the costume, but in her presence - that's one thing we try to teach the models, too, is that you not only have to come and look the part, but you have to BE the part. Great job, Michelle, and congratulations to you! :)
Sweet Mae is just a beautiful young lady -- inside and out - that I've so enjoyed getting to know...

Miranda looked stunning with her curly hair and sweet face...

Jasmine, little fairy in the woods... another great shot from her...

And Kelsey, whose images were very stunning, as well. Too bad there can only be one winner -- she also had an image where she was a "sleeping fairy" that was very beautiful.

Congratulations to these ladies, who have completed their first sememster at the A&E Studio's Modeling Program (www.theaestudio.com) These ladies and gentlemen walk away from the program with 6 ads that they worked on for each challenge after their 12-week program, and tons of confidence to take them into their next journey in life--I am so proud of each of them!! Love you guys!

A&E Couture Shoot

It is a bittersweet moment that I write this post, as we've come to the close of this session of the A&E Modeling Program. I have become so fond of these girls (and guy) and have seen them transform into confident models with skills that are so valuable to the careers they will pursue. It is sad that this group is moving on, but so exciting that we have a new group of faces starting up. So....
This shoot was my VERY favorite, as I love fashion photography and these ladies were styled in a style for a very edgy and editiorial look. It was so very hard to choose the winner of the challenge, but Madi, who is the first model shown here, was very deserving of her challenge win, as she came in with confidence and wore her look very well. Congratulations to Madi!!!

Below are the best shots of each model for the couture shoot. One of my favorites is Sophia, pictured below...
Bianca was last week's challenge winner and did a great job this week, too!

And here's Tristan, who is such a good sport being the only man in the group of a bunch of women! Always bringing that edgy-gothic feel to his fashion images, he delivered nothing less this week...

Oh, Miss Hillary, what can we say about her except she is a true beauty and professional in everything she does.
Chelsea has consistently been one of the sweetest people to work with and that is so very appreciated.

Sara is lovely, as always...
Kala is the type of person that makes you smile just by being around her and her great energy. (and who played one HECK of a little Grinch at last night's performance, might I add... woo hoo!)

Congratulations to each of these models for a great job throughout this semester -- you'll be seeing some of these ladies again, I hope... Thank you all for a great job!
The Fairy Shoot will follow...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tomorrow is Deadline!

Be sure to get your orders in before 5 p.m. tomorrow if you need them before Christmas Eve! The rush is upon us and we can't guarantee orders to reach you by Christmas if they aren't in!! This includes cards and prints!

We've got some great card designs being created this year, so let us know what you'd like!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Deadline!!!

Just a quick reminder to everyone that all orders that need to arrive to you by Christmas need to be in to us no later than 5 p.m. this Friday, December 12th! This includes portrait orders and cards, so get those orders in! If you have any questions, write and let us know -- your cards will be custom-designed based on the images you choose and the layout you choose, so just order them and you and I will work on the design together.

Also, if your gallery has expired and you had a session earlier this year, e-mail Rob at robert@teresaleephotography.com and we'll get those put back up for you ASAP!!

Hope everyone's getting all that shopping done! Looks like I might have some more snow photos to post tomorrow!!! Woo hoo!!

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....." :)