Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back in the South

Ok, I've heard enough about it today... LOL!! I know, I know... I'm behind on the blog -- I guess because Robert handles all the Facebook stuff I figured I could be a slacker on here, but I guess I'll try to whip myself back in shape. So, here goes. Hang on tight!

So... we are back in the South having a wonderful time seeing fabulous returning clients and working with new ones. It's always so fun here (um, bad hair days excluded) and I even got a special treat in the wee hours of the morning before the big Turner-Wood wedding last weekend -- a southern-size thunderstorm that had me giddy for hours!

Now, meet some special people here... more to come, I promise. I will no longer neglect my loyal blog-followers.

This is the beautiful Claire... well, as you can see, "beautiful" is an understatement, now isn't it? Stunning. Sexy. Fabulous. AND... the newest addition at Teresa Lee Models. Big congratulations to her on an incredible future ahead for her in her modeling career. This is Brenn, a high school senior, with whom we set out to "wow" her friends. Mission accomplished (wait till you see the rest of her images!!!!).
This is Amy. And with bittersweet feelings I write this because she's just finished up her chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. But, as you can gather from this photo, you can know exactly who Amy is. Strong. Powerful. Beautiful. A true survivor. And that is the sweetest thing I've ever seen.
Oh, Miss Hannah.... what a great setting for her senior photos to show off a girly-country-girl in her own surroundings.
More to come.... thanks for a great trip, everyone!