Monday, November 17, 2008

A&E "got milk?"

So, things are so busy and exciting around the A&E Studio in Colorado Springs right now. The A&E Top Model Program is underway and the competition is heating up as these guys are turning it on!! They are learning so much and we are seeing them transform right before us and it's so much fun to watch and be part of.

I'm the in-house photographer for the A&E Studio and on the judges' panel and each of these ladies is doing such a great job. Below you will find each girl's (and guy's) best shot for the "got milk?" ad challenge where they had to come up with a character that could be used in the campaign based on preparation, professionalism, posing, and overall delivery of the challenge instructions.

A HUGE and well-deserved "congratulations" to Kala and Jasmine on their big first-week wins!!!!!!

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