Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ms. Fabulous

Ok, so everyone knows how much we love Carmel-by-the-Sea. Well, 'love' is such a light word to describe such intense feelings... adore, worship, totally in love with... is more like it. We honestly feel like it is our home - where our souls rest and our batteries recharge... it is just our tiny piece of Heaven on Earth...

And along with that comes my love (again, such a light word -- see above...) for fabulous shopping. :) And Ms. Fabulous is THE one store that I'd choose to max out my credit cards. I was suprised by my sweet family for Christmas with so many great goodies from Ms. Fabulous, with the help of owner and Ms. Fabulous, herself, Kara Muzzio.

This charming boutique has THE best and most hip selection of jeans and incredible clothes, not to mention their super-fabulous little gifts. I can't say enough great things about the store and Kara -- if you find yourself in Carmel, stop in and say, "hello" to Kara and the staff and tell them that Teresa really needs a new pair of jeans so she can tell Robert and I'll get a nice new surprise! :)

And if you're NOT in Carmel, you can do your shopping online right at and tell them we sent you! Kara is so great with helping, too, so call her if you have any questions about sizing -- she knows my body type and what style of jeans I love and what looks good on me, but let her know what your favorites are and she is sure to help you find some that will look incredible on you. And it's not just the jeans! Her collection of tops and dresses and fun t-shirts (I should totally take a photo of my martini t-shirt!!!) is amazing, as well. And be sure to check back often, because they are always getting new merchandise in. But, beware... shop there and prepare to become FABULOUS, yourself! :)

Hope to see you soon, Kara!

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