Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New York State of Mind

Robert and I recently returned from New York City, where we had THE most incredible visit. I had the huge honor of having my 8th Kodak Picture of the Day displayed in Times Square on February 17th, so we flew out to see it. If you know Robert and me well at all, you'll know that California feels like home to us. However, Manhattan feels like our 2nd home. I can't explain how much I love the energy of that city...

We just happened to be there during NY Fashion Week (can anyone hear me still squealing with delight right now?) which was so very exciting, and we saw Donald Trump walking out of Trump Tower as we passed in front on 5th Avenue. But, I think the highlight of the trip for us was spending lots of time in Central Park after the 9 inches of snowfall that delayed our flight the day before. It was absolutely beautiful - and we live in Colorado! Who knew that there could be snow as pretty as ours!

Above and just below are some snapshots (borrowed Lawson's camera for the trip so I could throw it in my bag) from Central Park...
We also had such an incredible time at two of our favorite restaurants -- Becco and Lattanzi - both found on Restaurant Row, where the food is amazing and the staff even more so. Katelyn is THE server to ask for at Becco. She's helped me each time I've been there to choose the perfect entree - the homemade pastas. Thank you to Eddie, general manager, at Lattanzi for making our relaxing lunch spectacular!

Now, here is the reason we went: Seeing this photo in Times Square - the heart of New York City, where the emotions of 9/11 are still very raw - was emotional for me to stand there and see it and feel it as people joined in with us to celebrate all firefighters and how they put their lives on the line everyday to protect us.
Justin & Jenna Marquis came to me for their maternity session when we got the idea to do this shot after finding out Jutin is a firefighter. What a tender moment he shared with his baby girl and how I described him as "velvet over steel." Thanks to the Marquis family for this great photo opportunity.

And below is the actual photo. It was moving to me when I created it and even still now, each time I see it. One of my most favorite creations...

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