Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Celebrities Among Us

Teresa Lee, celebrity photographer... I REALLY love the sound of that -- especially when the people are really fun and cool like Hillary Grant...

It's not very often that we get celebrities around here, but when we do, "wow!!!" It's been so fun to work with Hillary Grant and her sister, Ashton Grant (who you'll meet soon)! Hillary is an award-winning choreographer and professional dancer, who has worked on the Disney Channel, CBS, and look for her on upcoming episodes of TLC's "Rock the Reception" (which Robert and I are so completely addicted to - and yes, honey, you know you watch it, too!). She is the in-house choreographer and dance director for the Arts & Entertainment Studio in Colorado Springs (where I just got brought on as their official in-house photographer!!!!!!). And Hillary is just as sweet and kind as she is beautiful.

I had so much fun photographing Hillary on this promotion shoot. And ladies, wouldn't you just DIE for this hair and those eyes?!

Here is a link to see Hillary in action: http://www.youtube.com/user/freckles257

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