Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fresh from the Hospital

Each time I get baby fever (which is a lot these days, with our little "caboose" approaching 16 months...), it's always nice (for Robert, especially) when I have a newborn in the studio. :) And THIS little man... oh, that wrinkly skin, that umbilical cord (or "umbrella cord" that I just heard it called by our 4 year old), that brand new baby smell... mmmm.... makes me wish for another one... until I realized that you guys are so great to let me borrow yours for a few moments and trust me with documenting these very first moments that we'll never get back. This little guy will even look completely different TOMORROW... so thanks, Brian and Lorraine - it was so sweet to have you guys in for your newborn portrait session. Even when he tee-tee'd on us. :) Happens every time and it makes for good memories. See you at 3 months!!

Oh, and Robert, don't worry -- the fever passed -- it's all ok. ;)

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Jessica Hughes said...

He is adorable! Beautiful work as
And you, my dear, are gorgeous!
I love your family pic. Just wish
we could see Kennedy too. :)