Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Teresa Lee Photography presents Intima, Colorado Springs' Premier Boudoir Photography

One of the best ways I have found to help women gain confidence during the different phases of our lives is with a classy and elegant, but super sexy and romantic boudoir photoshoot. I have the privilege of working with amazing women for so many different ways that bring them to me - for me to help them document a special occasion such as a birthday for a loved one, an anniversary gift, or as a way for them to celebrate the incredible woman they have become and they do a photoshoot just for themselves.

Each woman that I meet is so different in her own way, from the way she looks, to the type of session she wants, to the reason that has brought her to my studio. But each woman has several things in common, as well. One thing is that each woman is so beautiful in her own unique way, whether she realizes it or not, and what I feel is the biggest part of my job is to make them realize it. The other thing all women have in common is that we ALL have our own insecurities, whether they be about our bodies or just simply in our heads about our bodies. I love the feeling of seeing a woman, who becomes my friend after her session, see her images when she really gets that she is a beautiful creature to be celebrated. What an amazing thing that we all need to do for ourselves.

We have packages to meet any budget and I love to customize your experience to be just what you need. I encourage women to bring in pages from magazines to help give me an idea of their style and new fresh ideas from which I can draw inspiration to create priceless memories of this moment in their lives.

I encourage you to browse through images from other clients who have given us permission to show you to help encourage you to book your own session. Click here for Intima Photography I hope to meet you soon so I can help your outer beauty shine as bright as your inner beauty does!

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