Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day and Family Time

So, I decided to take a day off... well, while we've been busy in the office, I didn't book any sessions for today and here's why. You photographers know that people expect you to have THE best and most photos of your kids, but it gets so busy that (at least around here), our own babies take the backseat when it comes to having their portraits done. People don't even know what little Kennedy looks like (I just read your comment, Jessica Hughes! :) !! So, I did some portraits of my own babies on this little holiday. And this is Lawson. Most people familiar with the website know her well, as she's by far the most photographed of the Lee children - well, she's just been around the longest, that's why! :)

And when she came downstairs dressed up like this, I HAD to get photos of our little girly-girl princess all decked out in full hip-hop attire (complete with the Betty Boop shirt -- cracks me up!!) Oh, and this first one -- don't you LOVE it when you catch your kids doing something when they don't know you're watching? I'm lovin' this little dance scene! :)
The little hip-hop princess -- still that same face of the "Tiny Dancer" photo with the pink ballerina skirt...

My personal favorite: Tough girl with Betty Boop shirt -- now, WHOSE daughter is THIS! :)

This one makes me laugh because Lawson cracked up when she saw it and said she had "chubby cheeks like Kennedy!" :)


Laura Lynne Photography said...

oh my gosh - she is getting way too grown up for words! And so beautiful like her mama!! :) love the 'tude in these. :)

mom2k said...

Teresa, she's so grown up...last time I saw her she was a BABY!!! BEAUTIFUL!