Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Trip Planned

Ok, guys... due to demand, we are planning a very quick trip back to Wynne for a limited number of sessions at the end of November. We will have sessions available the Friday after Thanksgiving, Saturday, and a few Sunday morning. So, the dates are NOVEMBER 28TH - 30TH. We've already booked a few sessions today, so e-mail us now if you'd like to get on the schedule. The sessions available are mostly studio sessions. We have only 2 slots open for outdoor sessions, so e-mail today if you'd like an appointment!

This family below is the Turner family, who we had a great time at their farm -- I chuckled at my sweet "city boy" husband, who actually got in a rice field for the first time in his life (I know, WHERE was the camera THEN?) Thanks to the Turner family - Kerri (the beautiful blonde), you will meet in a few days, as we photographed her wedding in Memphis - wow!!!!!

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