Monday, October 6, 2008

Kara & Mark, New Mexico

This is Kara & her new husband, Mark. We travelled to the cutest little town in New Mexico for this sweet couple's wedding. I don't know that I've ever had a bride with more personality than Kara. She and her family were so sweet to us and they're the kind of people you just want to be friends with. I also have never seen a bride have to overcome such obstacles on and leading up to her special day than Kara... and not only that, she met every single challenge with a smile and a cheerful, "That's ok!" This first image of Kara is my favorite from the day. Mark & Kara held their ceremony at the Buckhorn Opera House and Saloon, built in the 1860's -- full of personality and history, it made the perfect setting for a unique and fun-filled day. This is them sitting in one of the boxes at the Opera House.

We put Mark on the bar and had Kara lie down in his lap and I shot this from the balcony...

I always love images of people walking away -- but I have to giggle at this and how cute Kara is... take a look at her shoes. Because it was POURING rain on this day, and so not to mess up her white ballet slippers, she had Mark's sandals on over her shoes. Kara, you are the best!!!!

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