Monday, September 22, 2008

Come On, Baby, Drive South

This is Robert, for any one who hasn't met him yet. He's the love of my life, my soulmate, my best friend, the ONE person that "gets" me and all my quirkiness, my husband... and my business partner. Working with him again has to be one of the things I'm most blessed with, as since he came on board, the business has transformed with his brilliant marketing ideas and techniques. And not to mention that he's.... well, look at him! No wonder it's hard to get any work done around here when I just want to sit and look at him all day! :)

And now, we're leaving today on a business trip -- all by our little selves (woo hoo!) -- to go see our nice folks in the South. What a great day it's going to be -- Robert driving us across 3 or 4 states (you can so tell I don't pay attention to geography), me sitting in the passenger seat browsing through my mile-high stack of neglected magazines, us searching the AM radio for static-filled Classic Country stations (hey! It reminds me of my childhood, so don't laugh!), or the local "swap and shop" so we can giggle at people trading Rambo tapes for riding lawn mowers or something (we LOVE it!!)... Anyway... ahhh... we get to go in total road-trip mode like we did in the good ole days and it's one of my favorite times with him.

Ok, enough giddy rambling, I'm supposed to be telling you that if you're in the mid-South, we're headed there today and we do have some studio appointments still available, so send us an e-mail or call us. Current clients can reach us through the business phone, as it will be forwarded... just be prepared to hear FINE country singing in the background!! :) We'll see you guys soon!


Alex and Jill said...

I am so happy to see you have a blog now! :)

You look gorgeous, as always!

One of these days, I will be calling for a maternity shoot. ;)

Take care, girl.

Pixel Chicks Photography said...

Hot picture of your hot hubby! :) Hope you guys are having fun!