Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I LOVE the snow. Here in our neighborhood, I'm the one who can be found running around in the streets yelling each year when our first snow arrives. And yes, it was me running around the streets early this morning in my leopard print pajamas, so don't call the police on the crazy woman on the loose... :)

AND what this means is that in Colorado, ski season in in full-swing! And for those of you headed to the slopes this year, we've got some exciting things going on for our "Day in the Life" photo sessions. These are INCREDIBLE sessions where I follow your family around for the day -- eating breakfast, hitting the slopes, going on a sleigh ride, relaxing at the lodge, etc. These sessions are the perfect way to document your vacation or just a normal day in the life of your family, so call when you're headed to the mountains so we can help preserve your vacation the way you want to remember it!

Here's our house with the first little snow on it - already melting, as you can see -- I love the snow, but it's much more beautiful when you can see the mountains behind it...


Jess said...

Ahh that is gorgeous!! I miss the snow. Whoa, did I just say that?!! Not cold enough here yet.. but I know I'll be getting my fair share :)

Amber and Trent Haynes said...

Love the pic of the house. I don't think our house has even seen that much snow! And that's nothing compared to what you will be getting.

Alex and Jill said...

Wish we could get some snow. I'm sure you remember well...we get that stuff called ICE. :)

Beautiful pic!

Oakstream Photography said...

Totally understand the snow thing!!! :-)

So where in Colorado do you live? I can't remember & should of looked at the address label on my pkg from you yesterday...hahahaha!!!! Since I go to Colorado ALLLLLLLLLL the time we should meet up!!!!