Friday, September 12, 2008

From Pretty Girl to High Fashion Supermodel

One of the things I LOVE doing around here is taking everyday, beautiful girls and transforming them into high fashion supermodel goddeses! :) So.... meet Nadine. I've known Nadine and her family for a few years now and I did her senior portraits a couple years ago. Nadine now works for us as a personal assistant and is such a big help running the kids to and from school and cheerleading and just being here doing whatever she can to help control the chaos in the Lee Family.

Nadine is just about as sweet and genuine a person as you will ever meet. And she's stunningly beautiful, as well. But, I wanted to enlist her help in showing what goes on behind the scenes and to help these girls who come in and say, "Oh, I can't do this..." or "I've never been a model-type..." and things like that. I also wanted to show WHY it's important to wear heavier makeup than you normally do during your photo session - you get behind those lights and it just kind of fades away.... Even if you're a natural girl at heart, makeup in the studio is a must for incredible photos.

With that being said, what we did with Nadine was a little to the extreme. I wanted over-the-top (no, not ME!). I wanted a high fashion photo shoot with a high fashion model. And that's what we got. Nadine has graciously given permission to show her "before" photo and the progression that we made during the course of the shoot. And we were going for a rocker-chic with an attitude look in these. And so you might look at the "before" shot and say that you much prefer her the way she looks before -- smiling and looking natural and happy. Well, that's how we prefer seeing Nadine, too, but models are actors, as well. When you get hired to sell a product, you might not like the product, but you gotta look and act like you do. And Nadine did an incredible job acting her part - I am so impressed with her skill and confidence in front of the camera and I'm sure you'll be seeing more of her. A huge thanks to Allison, our fabulous makeup artist, for helping wiht Nadine's transformation!!!

And here we go!!! Allison at work on Nadine...

Nadine and me in the studio for the first set...

I still am amazed at what we can produce in such a modest space...

Nadine checking out some of the images on the camera back.

And here are some of the finished images from the session. Wow... Nadine, you look amazing!

Thanks, Nadine! You're the best!!!! :)

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