Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fun People

I have always thought that the best photo sessions come when people bring their senses of humor with them and leave stresses and worries at home. No need to worry if your hair is perfect or any fussy stuff. My tag line for my business, as interpreted via my best friend Shawn, "tell the story without saying a word..." Above all else, I have always wanted every session to give you great insight into a person's life and personality without having to have any words accompany it. And the photos to the side will tell you exactly the kind of fun personality Kindra and Craig have and I laughed so hard at them and their silliness that I just love...
Kindra and Craig came into the studio ready to have fun. I LOVE that about them! Not to mention that they are just beautiful and a photographer's dream, but they had THE greatest idea to do like a "photo booth" session, so this is what we came up with for them. I think it's such a great idea that I'll start doing it more when I get those fun-loving couples in the studio.
We'll see more from Kindra and Craig's session later, but I just loved these too much and had to share them right away.
Thanks, guys, for being sooooo much fun!

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