Monday, September 1, 2008

Sweet Kennedy

Now, since just having written the previous post, I've got "Sweet Kennedy" stuck in my head. And here she is -- our little juicy caboose of the Lee clan - and as I was trying to get some cute photos of her, we settled on the fact that, ok, we won't have a meltdown and Mommy won't force you to wear that bow and unlike any of the others, Kennedy hates having her picture made. Would NOT go in front of the lights - cried, screamed, and just would not have it. The first time EVER in my photographic career where I could not get a kid to warm up and let me do portraits... and it's my own kid! We think it could actually just be because we're a little bit spoiled to mommy.... oh, well. You only get one caboose, right? :) Oh, yes - photos courtesy of Lawson Lee.


Jess said...

Okay, I absolutely LOVE this of you and Kennedy! So cute.. great set up :)

Laura Lynne Photography said...

so super cute!!!