Monday, September 1, 2008

Sweet Child of Mine

Each of our kids have "their song" that we've given to them. Lawson's got "Brown-Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison. Kennedy's got Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline," where we all will change the words as we burst out into song and you hear, "SWEET KENNEDYYYYY..... DUN-DUN-DUNNN!!!" And here's little Garrett -- oh, how much more "boy" could God have put in this little 4-year-old man... And our song for him is Sheryl Crow's version of "Sweet Child of Mine" - especially the part of "he's got eyes of the bluest skies...." and he does. And Garrett loves trains, so we took off to the tracks close by our house - I only got one presentable image of Garrett, as the rest of him were of the back of his head as he was running to FIND a train... oh, what a way to give Mommy a heart attack.... :) Garrett, I love you and had so much fun on our own little photo shoot. We'll do it again and we'll find a train next time.

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